My goals as an instructor are to help my students develop their critical thinking skills, to deepen their understanding of Canadian society (past and present), and to inspire them to be active, aware citizens. These aims have guided me during my fifteen-plus years of teaching at the post-secondary level, mainly at York University, Toronto. I am proud to have earned a reputation as an instructor who is informative, engaging, and demanding but fair. My students consistently give me outstanding ratings on their course evaluations, and my work in the classroom has brought me praise from teaching colleagues and students alike. Below is a representative sample of their comments. You can also click here to read more feedback from students themselves.
“Peter is a professional educator of the first rank …. He is very collegial, and he consistently demonstrates his ability to achieve favourable learning outcomes in multiple contexts …. Any department hiring him is lucky—but the students in his courses will be even luckier.” ~Dr. Jon Sufrin, former Canadian Studies Program Coordinator, York University
  • “Excellent instructor—best I have had at York.” ~student in CDNS 2200, F/W 2013-2014
  • “This was the best course I have taken during my time at York. It made me think critically.” ~student in HUMA 1200, F/W 2012-2013
  • “The class was very fast-paced and LOTS of reading but you always are very clear of what’s expected of you and he’s always available to discuss course material.” ~student in CDNS 2612, S 2013
  • “Peter is extremely passionate and knowledgeable. He is a great prof who is very clear and concise in terms of his expectations of our work for the course and is always willing to help.” ~student in CDNS 2200, F/W 2013-2014
  • “Peter you do an excellent job as a lecturer. You present your ideas well and your speaking and presentation skills are great.” ~student in CDNS 2200, F/W 2013-2014
  • “I think Peter Stevens did a remarkable job. His teaching techniques were brilliant. During tutorial, he was pleasant, patient, and understanding.” ~student in HUMA 1200, W 2009
  • “Peter Stevens is a fabulous tutorial leader. His comments are insightful and relevant, and he guides group discussion in a way that leaves freedom for student ideas and opinions while keeping the discussion on topic. He is accessible for questions and other help, makes sure everyone understands what is required of them and has the tools they need for making the requirements. Assignment marking is fair and his comments on assignments are helpful. The increasing complexity of assignments [gave] us the opportunity to build up to more difficult work [and] hone skills.” ~student in HUMA 1200, W 2006
  • “[After taking four elective courses,] I have decided that I will apply to Ryerson … in September[,] based on Prof. Stevens’ punctuality in his reply to my questions, more than adequate feedback, direction, support and positive reinforcement. His critique of my essays have been informative, fair, and succinct. Returning to school after 30 years … it has been a pleasure to have had the good fortune of such a dedicated and positive instructor …. I feel that he has given me the incentive to continue my education based on his teaching style and knowledge …. I believe Prof. Stevens is a credit to your faculty at Ryerson.” ~student in CHST508, W 2008
I have taught both in person and online, and both independently and as part of a team. Courses taught:
  • The Nature of Cities: The History of Urban Environments in North America    (HIST 3891)
  • Introduction to Canadian Studies    (CDNS 2200)
  • Contexts of Canadian Culture    (HUMA 1200)
  • Sport in Canadian Society    (CDNS 2612)
  • Car Culture    (HUMA 3697)
  • The Child in History     (CHST 508)
  • Worlds of Childhood     (HUMA 1700)
  • Canadian History     (HIST 2500)
  • United States History     (HIST 2600)
  • Canadian Society and Culture (CULT 206)
  • History of War    (HIST 217)
  • Introduction to Arts and Sciences    (GNED 101)
  • Professional Writing: Process and Practice     (WRIT 1700)